Verona System

Bressanone, Italy

Milan, Italy

Arcore, Italy

Verona System

The Verona System represents the last evolution of the temporary bridges to be installed on the tracks. It is covered by an international patent that is property of the Petrucco Group.

It is a modular bridge that can work up to 7,80 m in a single span or on longer spans (applications on more than 41 m have been done, but there’s no theoretical limit) if used with transverse beams. Both setups are allowed to let the trains flow up to 80 km/h during the whole period it is installed, for both passengers and freight traffics.

The Petrucco Group also has developed this technology to be installed on railway switches in order to keep them active.

The Verona System is developed in accordance with the Eurocodes and the Italian Railway standards and it has been checked also to be in full accordance with the American and Canadian Standards.

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