Special Works

Bridge Lifting

Our bridge lifting system, which employs hydraulic jacks, allows for the execution of maintenance work and for a quick and safe replacement of the spans’ support systems. The bridge lifting system is also used for the launch of new spans, ensuring millimeter precision. Having different types of jacks, we can provide the best solution for any type of bridge and construction site situation.


Special Projects

Our hydraulic jacking system can be used not only to jack concrete boxes, but also to move and reposition buildings and houses. Our technicians examine all phases of the project, from designing the system to moving the building, to prevent and avoid any damages to the structure.


Loading tests of the underpasses

Petrucco has developed a load test system for underpasses that allows for verification without having to place any weight on the extrados of the concrete box (upper slab). The load test must be completed before pushing the underpass. This system, which is always applicable, makes the load test faster, cheaper and less risky than traditional methods.