PTC Petrucco Twist Control

PTC is a continuous monitoring system of the track twist. Thanks to special Wi-Fi sensors, it allows you to keep the geometry of the temporary bridges under control in real time.

The system was developed together with Synthesis Srl, a leading company in the field of structural monitoring throughout Europe.

Through a display panel in LabView, the PTC system allows you to check the track twist values in the installation area of ​​our bridges in real time. As a result, in case of approaching intervention values, it is possible to take any immediate corrective actions ​​for maintaining the correct track geometry.

The movement of the box is very slow and controlled, so any small modification of the track geometry can be easily checked and corrected on site by Petrucco technicians.

The track twist is constantly checked with the PTC – Petrucco Twist Control system which records the inclination values ​​of the track twist at a frequency of 1Hz. The results are displayed on a computer directly on site and are available in real time on online panels that can be easily consulted on any smartphone.

In case of necessity and during the interruptions previously agreed with the Railways, the temporary bridge is lifted with a special hydraulic circuit and the correct track geometry is restored.

The verification and adjustment procedure lasts less than 10 minutes and can be carried out in the intervals free from trains both during the day and at night.

It is important to underline that any modification of the track is checked and corrected far from the maximum geometric tolerances of the track for the given train speed, which means that the practicability of the track is always ensured.