Design Services

CP Studio Engineering is a design studio property of Petrucco Italia Srl, headquarted in Pordenone (Italy) since 1988.

The Studio specializes in the design of railway and road metal structures and has completed several projects in both the road and rail fields in over 30 years of experience.

CP Studio has obtained ISO 9001:2008 certification and the “NATO” code and has the latest technology and highly qualified personnel for its design and planning activities, thanks to which/whom it is able to conduct its business in compliance with key national and foreign regulations. CP Studio is an official supplier for RFI Spa and ITALFERR Spa. 

Discover more on the CP Studio official website: CP Studio

Ayre S.L. Ingenieros is a structural engineering studio associated with Petrucco S.A. and has its registered office in Alcalá de Henares, Spain. Ayre S.L. Ingenieros specializes in the design and calculation of structures, particularly those related to box jacking and temporary railway bridges. They also provide technical and design consultancy services. The studio boasts highly qualified personnel who offer efficient and high-quality engineering solutions to their clients.

Among Ayre S.L. Ingenieros‘ most recent projects is the box jacking of underpasses beneath the Madrid-Seville High-Speed line (owned by ADIF) in Almodóvar del Río. In this project, temporary railway bridges and concrete boxes for box jacking were designed and calculated in a way to allow uninterrupted traffic circulation on the high-speed line during box jacking.

Another notable project is the box jacking project beneath the A66 motorway in Lugones (Asturias), where box jacking under the motorway took place using tunnel methodology without any upper traffic cut-offs. Projects like these play a crucial role in minimizing the social and economic impact on existing circulation patterns.

Additionally, the studio collaborates with various engineering companies in the sector, offering advice and working closely on projects such as the design, calculation, and execution of the first box jacked underpass in Lanzarote.

Finally, Ayre S.L. also operates internationally, performing structural calculations in Portugal and expanding its presence in other countries like Italy, the USA, and Canada.