costruzione del nuovo sottopasso ferroviario di Lentvaris in Lituania

New railway underpass in Lentvaris reduces traffic congestion

New railway underpass in Lentvaris reduces traffic congestion


On December 1, 2021, the new railway underpass in Lentvaris (Vilnius), Lithuania, was inaugurated by the Deputy Minister of Transport and Communications Julius Skačkauskas.

Lentvaris boasts a modern transport hub that seamlessly integrates rail, automobile and pedestrian traffic. The new underpass has solved a long-standing issue that made it difficult to cross the railway line, dividing the city for decades. The tunnel is used by both vehicular and pedestrian traffic, with the pedestrian lane totally separated from the car lane. A bus stop and a parking lot for both cars and buses were built near the subway stop, allowing for intermodality of both public and private transportation.

The Box Jacking methodology was used for the first time in Lithuania and the Baltic States for the Lentvaris project. The underpass, built by the contractor TILSTA, was pushed under the tracks without interrupting the railway traffic. The railway tracks were supported with temporary steel structures that rested on micropiles. The underpass was constructed in segments, each built to the required depth and pushed along the axis of the tunnel, while excavating and removing the soil from the inside. The car and pedestrian tunnel is 64 meters long, 15.4 meters wide and weighs 6720 tons.

According to Remigijus Lipkevičius, director of SE Lithuanian Road Administration, the construction of this underpass, which had been planned for decades, has finally solved the traffic circulation problems of the area.  Andrius Šicatičius, Mayor of Trakai District, says: “It is no secret that the Lentvaris level crossing disrupted and negatively affected the lives of locals and tourists alike. The underpass not only solved the mobility issue, but also normalized the pace of life in Lentvaris – the city is finally well-connected. As for me, I’d like to thank the partners and contractors for their consistent and timely work. For me and all the residents of the entire city of Lentvaris, today’s event is the greatest and most important gift of 2021!”.