Frana Val Pusteria, ripristino ferrovia con Ponte Verona-min

Landslide in Val Pusteria
Valdaora 2020

Landslide in Val Pusteria: the Fortezza – San Candido railway line is restored thanks to Petrucco’s temporary bridges.


After a landslide in November 2019 interrupted the Val Pusteria railway line in Valdaora at km 45 +015, the line was initially restored using temporary bridges.

A system of three prefabricated bridges, lined up to cover a total span of 18.00 m, placed on six supports on micropile foundations, was used for this intervention. This solution, designed to support the tracks in the landslide area, allowed railway traffic to resume on December 21st, about a month after the interruption.

The line will be permanently restored with a single-span railway bridge long enough to exceed the width of the landslide. For the future construction of the abutments of this permanent bridge, two other temporary bridges with a span of 14.40m (called Verona Bridges, patented by Petrucco) were installed next to the temporary bridge built in the first emergency intervention. These bridges are the latest evolution of the many temporary support systems for railway tracks used by Petrucco Italia S.r.l.. The two single-span bridges were installed in 3 hours and 40 minutes each.

The first support system, assembled in December 2019, and the other two Verona Bridges, assembled in June 2020, are currently in operation. The dismantling of all three systems is scheduled for June 2022.

Click here for the Rai News report on the restoration of the railway traffic circulation of the line, broadcasted on TGR Bolzano.