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Since 1978 leader in the Box Jacking technology for underpass construction and in railway temporary bridges with active traffic circulation.

The company Petrucco was founded in 1911 in Cividale del Friuli, Udine (Italy) and consolidated itself during the years as a general contractor for roads, bridges, tunnels, and chemical plants. Since 1978, Petrucco has specialized in the Box Jacking methodology and in temporary bridges to be installed on railway tracks, which allow railway traffic during structures pushing underneath.

Works all around the world
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Years of experience
Works all around the world
Systems installed
Years of experience
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Since 1978, Petrucco has successfully completed over 1750 underpasses all around the world.

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PTC petrucco twist control monitoring system for railway switches
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We find the best engineering solutions for grade separation.

In Europe, North America and the Middle East, the Petrucco Group has successfully carried out a series of projects for the construction of road and highway underpasses, tunnel underpasses, railway underpasses, and the installation of temporary railway bridges to support the tracks.

Port Credit GO Station underpass for the Hurontario LRT (Hazel McCallion Line) in Mississauga, Canada. Box Jacking of a 5675 metric tons monolithic underpass with two cells configuration. To ensure the passenger and freight train traffic during the operations, nº3 active tracks were reinforced with 33m of Temporary Bridges each. A total of 99 lineal meters of Verona bridges ensured the circulation in all stages. In the future, the underpass at Port Credit station will host 2 High Rail Tracks within, as part of the new Hurontario HLRT line from Mississauga to Brampton.

Port Credit GO Station
Mississauga, Canada

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Puente temporal ferroviario C60 in Almodóvar del Río, España en la Linea madrid- Siviglia alta velocidad.

C60 temporary railway bridge
Almodóvar del Río, Spain

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LINEA FERROVIARIA ROMA – PESCARA. IN23 – TOMBINO CIRCOLARE IDRAULICO O1500 AL KM 0+508,950. Montaggio Sistema Verona sulla linea ferroviaria Roma-Pescara per installazione tombino circolare

Verona System IN23
Bagni di Tivoli, Italy

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Sostegno di n.2 binari con Sistema Verona e spinta di monolite con traffico attivo dei treni. Scavo in roccia e mantenimento in attività del marciapiede presente tra i binari.

Pedestrian underpass IN24
Bagni di Tivoli, Italy

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In everything we do, workplace safety is not only one of our values, but our top priority. At Petrucco, we commit ourselves every day to creating a safe and healthy environment for our workers, colleagues, and clients.


As the market leader for the Box Jacking and temporary bridges technologies, innovation is embedded in our company culture. With more than 40 years of experience and several patents, we created an uncontested market space.


We believe sustainability is the future of construction: a solution that improves the way people live and build. At Petrucco, we strive to operate responsibly in everything we do, to create a meaningful impact on society.
Where we work

Petrucco in the world

A thrust towards international markets has always been part of our DNA and led Petrucco to expand its global footprint in over 12 countries in the world, completing over 1750 projects.

To date, Petrucco has worked in Italy, Spain, the United States, Canada, Qatar, Portugal, Slovakia, Ireland, Norway, Estonia, and Lithuania.

The Petrucco Group consists of Petrucco Italia Srl, Petrucco SA, and Petrucco USA, with offices respectively based in Italy, Spain, and the United States.